Supporting you every step of the way!

Our administrative staff will guide each candidate through the government licensing application process, ensuring that all of the paperwork is correctly completed.  We offer guidance and assistance to book the final test.

The Paragon Academy team draws from decades of experience in the Security, Police, and Military sectors.  Our security professionals are active in their fields, adding an awareness of current security issues to their wealth of knowledge.


Step 1 - Complete the Course

Our 5 day / 40 hour course is designed to train candidates in every aspect of basic security. We guarantee our training!

Step 2 - The Government Test

We will make all the arrangements for you to easily book your government test.

Step 3 - Guard Licensing

We complete the necessary paperwork, take license photos, provide free notary services and ensure your application is ready to submit.

Step 4 - Your First Interview

Once you have your license, Paragon Security will provide your first job interview. Our Human Resources department's main hiring resource is recent Paragon Academy graduates.