Your Security Investment

Shoppers and merchants rely on your facility to purchase goods and earn their living. When you need security personnel to provide a safe and secure retail environment, look to a firm whose clients entrust its professionals with over 18.5 million square feet of retail. Look to Paragon Security.


Understanding Your Environment

Paragon's guards are always ready to intervene in any situation to protect the people, assets and property in your shopping centre. Security guard training that's second to none means that Paragon guards can handle just about any daily occurrence, from unpleasant confrontations to lost children or objects, with ever-present professionalism and grace. Regular communication among guards also means proven undesirables are less likely to cause you or your tenants any grief. 

Repairs, renovations and cleaning need not be security concerns when Paragon guards escort cleaners and trades people to the places they need to be. 


Our Retail Services include:

  • Info desk
  • High profile foot & car patrols
  • Video monitoring
  • Intruder / trespasser management
  • Contractor supervision
  • Tenant liaison & rules enforcement
  • Shipping / receiving security
  • Access / Key control management
  • Security awareness seminars
  • Safety & emergency protocol enforcement

To learn more download our Retail brochure in PDF format.