Protecting Your Project

P3 Project security is complex and requires an integrated solution of manned services, technology and  procedural consistency.   You look to your security guard service provider to assign staff with the skills and aptitude necessary to observe, report and intervene when  actions or conditions pose threats of damage, theft or injury. Paragon is that supplier you can trust 24/7. 

Understanding the Environment

Your security team is critical to minimizing and managing risk.  P3 environments pose more risk in terms of theft and damage potential than most other applications.  The staff we assign must not only minimize risk through presence, but proactively respond to potential and real threats to personnel and the assets.  They must understand the demand of performance-based contract delivery.

We need to align our goals and objectives with your mission and values, with a view to setting the tone for a safe and secure way of life.  As a front line responder we understand that consistently enforcing the security protocol is critical to supporting your mission.

P3 security is unique.  It is demanding.  It can be very rewarding, especially when we thwart wrongdoing or prevent accidents  Careful selection of the right personnel is our commitment.  Responsive, available management is our guarantee.  We will work with you to customize a staffing profile and service delivery model that helps you achieve your objectives.

Our P3 Services Include:

  • Service Team Philosophy
  • One Contact Point for Multi-Unit Facilities
  • 24/7 Live Dispatch and Emergency Response
  • Dedicated Field Supervision
  • Effective Employee Care Program
  • Client Emergency Response Support Plan
  • Accurate, Timely Invoicing
  • Responsive, Available Management
  • Regular Contract Performance Reviews
  • Training and Development Culture

To learn more download our P3 brochure in PDF format.