Paragon Security Visible Spectrum™ Launch

On March 21st, 2019, after many months of diligent work and careful planning, Paragon Security officially launched Paragon Visible Spectrum™ to more than 80 invited guests, numerous Paragon executives, and key members of emergency public services. This thrilling and captivating product launch took place at 1 King Street West, a venue that enhanced the successful and exciting demonstration of the unique capabilities of the leading-edge technology. Everyone in attendance was treated to a thought-provoking and enticing presentation and delightful luncheon before seeing the Paragon Visible SpectrumTM in action.

“Paragon Visible Spectrum™ is a Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) technology that offers a new perspective to our clients. RPAS technology is crucial for evidence gathering, data comparison or visualization. Accurate, tangible and real-time information enable our clients to assess, plan and act on the various aspects of their properties” said Hamid Anisi, Director of Corporate Strategies.

Paragon Visible Spectrum™ not only provides a data gathering platform, but also property management expertise on different real estate markets, from commercial building operations to logistic facilities maintenance; our team of professionals understand property operations and needs.

Proven advantages of Paragon’s RPAS services include significant reduction in operating costs; reduced response times to and the acquisition of otherwise unavailable visibility into potential threats; more accurate analytical data and live reporting; the response of the RPAS to potentially dangerous situations ensures the safety of our security personnel; the acquisition of valuable information to assist situational awareness; and reduction of liability.