Mining & Lumber Industries

Area of Operation

Paragon’s Northeastern Ontario Operations are based out of our branch office located in Sudbury with a satellite location in Timmins.  We currently service the areas of Sudbury, North Bay, Timmins and Kapuskasing.


Our services include:

  • Security Guards
  • Training
  • Security Consulting
  • Investigations


Understanding the Environment

The role of security is to Protect Life, Protect Property and Minimize Liability, in that order.  How does the security guard do this?  The security guard will “Observe & Report”.  The quantity, quality and timeliness of observing and reporting is key and will be accomplished as follows:

Protect Life

Paragon guards protect life by ensuring that all Health & Safety procedures are being adhered to in the workplace and reporting any breach of policy.  Our guards and management staff will be thoroughly familiar with your Health & Safety Program and will observe and report on any areas of non-compliance.  We will look for safety hazards, the wearing of proper safety gear, the safe operation of motor vehicles within posted speed limits on the site, weather related safety hazards, safe equipment operation & handling, and be alert for employee impairment due to alcohol, drugs or illness.  The guards will report their observations and actions taken in this regard.

Protect Property

We will be vigilant in our efforts to prevent theft from the site of product, tools, equipment, supplies or technology and recognize that these sites often warehouse explosives and other hazardous chemicals.  To accomplish this, Paragon guards will follow all established client protocols and will assist the client to enhance such procedures.  We will be observant and report any issues in a timely fashion.  Paragon guards will properly screen all employees and visitors in and out of the site and report to client as required.  All areas of the property that are designated for patrol will be carefully inspected regularly as per instructions and reported on.  This includes fence lines, lighting, buildings, storage areas and employee parking areas while being observant for persons in any area without authorization.  We will be on the lookout for fire hazards, slip and fall hazards and odours that could indicate a dangerous condition present and report in a timely manner as per client protocol.

Minimize Liability

If we do a good job of protecting life and protecting property, minimizing liability is a given.  This accomplishment will be favorably viewed by shareholders, investors, insurers and senior management alike.



All Paragon guards assigned to your location will be trained to or exceeding specification.  This includes Health & Safety, Legal Authority, Report Writing, Public Relations & Customer Service, First Aid/CPR, and Site Specific Training as required.  All training records will be available to the client for inspection.

The full range our Security Guard Training Program can be offered on site or elsewhere in a local community as circumstances dictate.



Uniforms are designed for the local environment, to client specifications and are provided to the guards at no cost. 



An excellent benefits plan is also provided to our security guards.



Paragon can provide a fully marked and equipped 4x4 vehicle for the Northern environment, insured, maintained, and priced into your security guard contract.


Management Availability

Your Service Director, Manager and area Vice President will be available for emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by cell phone or through our 24 hour Communications Centre.


Contact Us

Please contact Ted Salter, Vice President, North Region at 416-498-2503, or Rick St. Laurent, Service Director, North Region at 705-525-0005, for further information.  We would be pleased to speak with you or arrange a visit in person at your location to discuss your requirements.