Professional Advice

Paragon Security offers a full range of security consulting services to assist our broad range of clients.  The Consulting Department is headed up by Ted Salter, Vice President, who has over 4 decades of security and law enforcement experience.  Our Manager of Consulting is Dave Solis. 

Whether your property is commercial, residential, retail, industrial, logistics or health care, we are able to assist you.

Services offered include:

Our Security Consulting Services Are:

Threat Risk Assessments


The Threat Risk Assessment (TRA) is an important step in the development and maintenance of the security program for your property.  It is also the source document in developing a Security Management Plan, Security Intensification Plan and a 5-year Security Master Plan. 

The Threat Risk Assessment as provided by Paragon is recognized as a “Security Best Practice” and should be completed for every property and updated annually.

The development of a TRA involves the assessment and identification of Threats, Risks and determining appropriate countermeasures.  What are the threats and risks?  How are threats and risks prioritized?  What are the countermeasure options to effectively deal with the identified threats?  Countermeasures could include CCTV surveillance, lighting, physical barriers, security patrols, communications systems, alarm and intrusion systems, access control systems, security assistance stations (duress stations), security awareness programs for staff, residents and/or tenants, written security procedures, security operation software integration, etc.

Also assessed is your Security Guard Services program along with the Access Control & CCTV System for adequacy, condition and technology integration.  You will be provided with written findings and recommendations compared against industry best practices, physical security standards, and Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles.

Ahead of your project, Paragon will provide a written scope of work listing all the items to be covered including a detailed work plan, when the report will be delivered and how much it will cost.

The project will be completed by bonafide security experts.  All projects are reviewed by two or more members of our consulting team before the final report is delivered to you.

Providing a TRA report is a billable service, however our existing clients will always be given a generous pricing discount.

Quick Security Briefing (QSB)

Our QSB program is designed to provide a quick response to an existing Paragon client with a specific problem.  This would include circumstances such as an assault on the property, break ins, auto theft, theft from autos in the parking garage, vandalism, demonstrations on the property, workplace violence, etc.  Often times, incidents occur and clients need quick action from their security provider to assist them to deal with the issue at hand.

At your request, your Service Manager will quickly arrange for one of our Consulting Team to attend your property and assess your situation.  We will provide a site walk around assisted by the Service Manager and gather information necessary to give you a written report.  This report will be specific to the situation at hand, but may include recommendations for further consulting work in other areas that we deem to be advisable.

Depending on our findings, recommendations could include performing a full TRA, another target specific project, or the delivery of a client/tenant/resident seminar (i.e. office safety & security awareness).  The QSB Report can normally be completed and delivered within a few days.

Providing a QSB report is a billable service, however our existing clients will always be given a 20% discount on this type of service.


Access Control & CCTV Surveillance Systems - Design & Tendering

Paragon can assist our clients with their Access Control and CCTV design and acquisition needs.  It should be noted that Paragon is not in the security systems vendor business.  Our company provides security guards, consulting services and investigations.  We have no partnership or financial arrangements with any Systems provider.  Our consulting services are independent, impartial, objective and defensible.

Paragon’s consulting services for security systems is provided by bonafide experts in this field.  Biographies of consultants assigned to your project will be provided to you.

If you are in the market to acquire or upgrade your existing security Access Control and/or CCTV System and the cost is anticipated to be upwards of 100K, we recommend that you use a security consultant to represent you on this acquisition.  You will have the advantage of industry experts who will design your system to a specification to suit you and get pricing that is very competitive.  This cost savings often compensates for consulting costs for the project.

Paragon will start the project by preparing a System Definition for your review and approval.  This document will list all equipment recommended for the project and an approximate cost.  Once you have approved the System Definition, the consultant(s) will prepare a Tender document including a Scope of Work.  We will assist in selecting qualified bidders for your tender and help you with a bidder’s conference.  Once bids are in, Paragon will assess all proposals and prepare a report for you detailing our results and findings.  You may then select the systems vendor whom you wish to award the tender to and have the installation started.  Paragon can project manage the system installation on your behalf and do final system commissioning testing to ensure you have got what you paid for and everything is working to specification and to your satisfaction.

Systems design & tendering is a billable service and we would be pleased to provide you with a written quotation.