Security For Condos

Paragon works closely with Property Managers to ensure specific security expectations are met and exceeded. Starting with friendly waves from a security gatehouse or kind words at the main lobby, Paragon guards remind residents that access to your building is carefully controlled. With video feeds of side and back doors and common areas like pools, highly-trained Paragon representatives deal with intruders so you and your residents don't have to. 

Understanding the Environment

Intrusions aren't the only potential problems on your property. Residents themselves may cause disturbances within their suites, in party rooms, or other areas. Paragon guards bring training that is second to none in the security industry to any situation that may prevent your residents from enjoying their home as expected.

Contractors and new residents will appreciate the access your Paragon guard provides when they perform maintenance or take occupancy of a suite. Your Paragon guard will be pleased to help visitors find parking on your property, and they'll make sure that your parking area is as secure as it can be. Regular patrols let Paragon guards stay informed as they ensure parking and other amenities remain for the exclusive use of residents and their guests.

  • In many residents' eyes, security guards represent the management of their condominiums.
  • Paragon's professional guards will make you look alert and aware of your residents' needs, 
  • whether they deal with emergencies or simply hand residents parcels as they make their way home. 

Our Condo Security Services Are:

  • Visitors and residents alike know security is present 
  • All entrances are both controlled and monitored 
  • Residents experience exceptional service. 
  • Resident amenities are monitored at all times 
  • Resident vehicles are kept safe. 
  • Parties don't disturb other residents. 
  • Contractors and cleaners check in and out 
  • Parcels kept safely for residents 
  • Common areas are checked regularly 
  • Emergency personnel quickly gain access to suites 
  • Domestic disputes and noise complaints handled calmly 
  • Fire alarms promptly investigated 
  • Coordination of elevator and service entrance for moving

To learn more please download our Condo brochure in PDF format.